29 September 2005


palachinki c shokolad u banan...mmmThis is my favorite breakfast: palachinki c shokolad u banan. It is formed by spreading a generous dollop of Nutella on a flinzen, adding a whole banana—sliced lengthwise, and rolling all up. Notice the chocolaty goodness (click on picture for closeup) oozing through the pore of the flinzen—good stuff!

ferris wheel at NDKThe fair has come to town! Well, a crappy little affair consisting of a few well-worn rides set up at NDK. Best part was seeing a seemingly unattended ferris wheel with 3 people on it; after a while one guy [obviously the operator] steps off—while it was in motion—and brings it two a stop within half a revolution to let the other two people off, and all in the most nonchalant manner.

Everything in Bulgaria seems to be hand-me-downs—especially vehicles; there are a lot of 90’s model Beamers, Mercedes, and tour buses that you can tell served their owners well in Western Europe until they could no longer pass strict emission controls there.

fur hatsAmong the many street vendors in the center of Sofia, I noticed several selling fur hats with the Soviet hammer and sickle insignias. I was overcome by the irony; here I was in a formerly communist country, far enough removed from those “bad old days” that they were now selling Soviet-themed items (I’ve also seen “CCCP” track suits around town) to tourists as kitsch. Best of all, these are most certainly made in China—a strange amalgamation of communism and capitalism!

The MBA Enterprise Corp newsletter is available here. There is a group picture and a little about my colleagues and me in it; check it out.
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