01 November 2005

Goodbye Daylight

Today I had lunch with Vesela. We went to Lebanese restaurant called Baalbeck—good stuff. The former MBAECs clued me into this place; the Bulgarians in the office can't understand our fascinations with it, but Vesela really enjoyed the food and was glad to have discovered it. (You may remember that together with Meike, Cal, and Robert, we had a farewell lunch for Vesela at a similar restaurant in Columbia—Al Amir—back in June.)

outlet transformationDaylight savings time ended on Sunday. That means when I leave work at 6:00pm now, it is already dark :-( On the way home today, I stopped by a tiny hardware store to buy a duplex outlet to replace the single outlet in the living room that the AC/heatpump is plugged into. Since I now have a wireless router, I like to use my computer in the living room or kitchen and this is the only power outlet close enough. So, rather than unplugging the AC or using a power strip, I decide to make an electrical project with little more than a leatherman tool. Again, long-time readers will remember this is not my first electrical project in Europe; last year I installed a ceiling light in our apartment in Vienna. There is just something so satisfying about home-improvement projects—I continue to admire my new duplex outlet. Oh, and it required a little research as well—to determine that the blue wire is the neutral (what's up with that?!)

BTW, how do you like my ghetto animated GIF above? I really needed a tripod or something to keep the camera in the same position for each exposure and a couple of more of the intermediate steps, but you get the idea.
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