14 March 2007

The Persistent Itch is back!

To my few remaining, faithful readers I apologize for not writing in over a month now. February is my first month-long break in blogging since January 2005; I will try not to let this happen again. To that end, I’ve come up with 5 new topics, which I will flesh out and publish over the next 5 weeks or so.
  • Insurance is a rip-off. Your premium is always going to be greater than your average expected loss.
  • Bio-fuels are unnatural. Actually, good old crude is the all-natural (organic) choice in fuels.
  • New business idea: Responsible Insurance Co. The challenge: come up with objective criteria that could be used to legally select a low-risk pool of policy holders—resulting in substantially lower premiums for these “responsible” individuals.
  • New business idea: The Global Warming Fund. OK, I get it, global warming is real. Now where can I invest to make money from the inevitable consequences. Seriously, I'd like to see people putting their money where there mouth is—betting for climate change—before I totally buy into this theory.
  • New business idea: Ante-Diamonds. Because diamonds are a girls best friend…we need a substitutes for “Blood Dimonds”
As far as life in Columbia, South Carolina goes: I feel like it is summer already. Daylight savings time began on Sunday—meaning I bicycle with a group of friends every Tuesday and Thursday night now—and the weather so far this week is cooperating (today it will be 82F – 28C!)
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