30 July 2005

Mt. Vitosha

Vitosha Mountians from NPC
This morning I did my first Bulgarian ride (solo.) Headed south toward Vitosha Mountains that loom over the Sofia skyline. Arrived within 5-8 miles and began gradual climb up through narrow, sometimes cobblestone two-lane roads. This was just a shakeout ride, but climbing felt good so I continued probably to 75%-90% of the way up (the road just ended.) Noticeably cooler and cleaner air; looking back at Sofia, I could see just how smoggy the air is. Lot's of people were hiking trails that crisscrossed the slope. Apparently, we will be doing this next Saturday as part of our cross-cultural training. In fact it looks like they have an excellent series of “field trips” planned for us!

In case you're interested, Ryan has a blog too (much of the same events; different perspective.) TravelWithRyan.BlogSpot.com
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