16 July 2005

New website design

So how do you like it? I don’t profess to be an artist or designer, but I think this looks a lot better than what I had before. Granted the site as a whole is still a mish-mash of designs (or lack thereof.) What I should really do is learn CSS, create a master style sheet, and update all my old pages to reference the CSS (and while I’m at it, fix spelling, grammatical, and factual errors.) But that would be too much work, and would invalidate the archival nature of this site. ;-)

You can now read my blog my simply going to joel.froese.com. If you don’t want the frame view (left sidebar,) just go to persistentitch.blogspot.com. Hosting my blog and pictures—which I intend to post more of—at Blogspot makes it a little quicker and easier for me (but not necessarily for you) so I will be more inclined to create a quick little post more often.

BTW, you can now leave comments for me (or to discuss among yourselves) by clicking on the “comments” link below. However, if you want to write me directly, please email—see “Schedule and Contact page.”
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