23 October 2005

Home Show

This weekend there was a rather sizable home show at NDK (close to my apartment.) They had a whole range of residential construction material, fixtures, and furnishing packed into eight floors of foyers/mezzanines (NDK is primarily a performance space.) Some notables: tons of bathroom fixtures and hot tubs of all shapes and sizes. There was a lot of stylish, high-end stuff! Like I may have mentioned before, apartment buildings may look shabby from the outside, but individual units are often suprisingly posh. Then there were the mattress retailers who had scantily clad models demonstrating their beds ;-) ...and finally this door; for what kind of house would this be appropriate?! Some kind of Dr. Seuss looking thing I suppose.

While there, I was able to take to the picture below from the top floor of NDK. My apartment is behind the red circle. Alexander Nevski cathedral is predominant on the horizon. (Click on picture to enlarge.)

Sofia from NDK
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