24 October 2005

I'm rich!

Technically, Corp members don’t get a salary at all, but we do get a stipend and housing allowance that allows us to live comfortably here in Sofia. I just found this website Global Rich List and determined that I am in the top 11% of the world population. Not that I needed this, living in a "transitioning" economy, I am constantly reminded of how good I’ve got it when I learn how little most Bulgarians earn (the average is 250 leva/month.) Even at that meager income, the average Bulgarian is in the top 20%!

How rich are you? >>

I'm loaded.
It's official.
I'm the 661,164,295 richest person on earth!

I challenge you to try this (click on link above) and then complain about your job! Some of my stats may be a little off, and certainly the cost of living is lower in developing countries, but it is still sobering to realize just how blessed we are.
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