28 December 2005

QUT reunion in Köln

QUT alumnsOn Tuesday afternoon Sven, Andreas, and Joel met in front of the world-famous Kölner Dom. Sven was the perfect tour guide, showing us all the important sights of the altstad; at nearly every square he said: “…and there was another big Christmas market here last week.” More importantly, we visited more than one brauhaus where we sampled tiny glasses (0.2 liter) the local specialty: kölsch. Sven dared me to order a Diebl Alt, but we decided it would be wiser not to start a barroom brawl. Eventually, (the other) Meike found us and we had a nice Indian meal at the inexplicably name “Buy Buy” restaurant. After a couple more glasses of Kolsch, we had to sprint to the bahnhof so I could catch my 0:25 train back to Grevenbroich. All in all, we had a great time reminiscing about time at Queensland University of Technology and other parts of Australia. (Left to right in the picture: Joel, Andreas, Meike, and Sven)
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