26 December 2005

White Christmas

White Christmas in DüsseldorfToday I met Meike in Düsseldorf this afternoon. As a lifetime resident of Ddorf (as she spells it,) she gave me the full tour of the altstadt—which, by the way, is really nice. It was cold but clear and sunny when we started our little walk, but the within 20 minutes the weather took a drastic turn. We ordered waffles from street vendor, and while I had my back turned for a few minutes, it began to rain and then snow. Never the less, we marshaled on into the blizzard. The reason for the title above is that, in Germany, the 26th (zweiten feiertag) is as equally considered Christmas day as the 25th, so indeed I did experience a white Christmas.

BTW, this was the first time I drove a car in 5 months. I surprised myself that, even with minimal directions, I found my way to and from Düsseldorf without getting lost.
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