14 January 2006


my skisIt’s cold! This week temperatures have been in the teens (-5~-9 C) in the morning for my—thankfully—short commute to work. Never the less, I’ve learned to dress in layers: thermal undershirt, long-sleeve shirt, sweater, and coat. Moreover, I wear my Timberland boots everyday. Even so, I find the icy sidewalks treacherous; I don’t understand how women in fancy shoes negotiate the streets of Sofia without falling. Everyone says I need to get a scarf too, but I’ve never owned one, and wouldn’t know what to do with one. ;-) BTW, you can see the forecast for Sofia by clicking on the current conditions in the upper right hand corner of this page.

For the first time in my life, I own skis. Earlier this week, I bought these Rossis from Ryan for the equivalent of $72 (he bought two pair from his boss as a package deal.) Today I’m going shopping for ski boots and a ski bib, then I’ll be ready to go. I intended to ski a lot (like every weekend); there are slopes on Vitosha that can be reached by city bus service, and nicer resorts farther away.
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