08 January 2006

Sofia is Gotham

SIGNAL BATMANI’ve just figured it out! The mythical metropolis of Gotham from the Batman franchise is our very own Sofia, Bulgaria. I submit the following evidence for your consideration: the button pictured here is found in every tram in the city. As you can see, it clearly says СИГНАЛ БАТМАН (SIGNAL BATMAN.) Apparently, in case of an emergency, (such as a run-away trains or a fare-skipping scofflaw) one simply pushes this button. A brilliant beam of light then emanates from the top of the tram, projecting the familiar Batman logo on a layer of smog over Sofia. Seeing this, Bruce Wayne (Брус Уиейн as he is known here) dons his costume, hops into the Batmobile, and leaves his palatial estate in Boyana. Traffic permitting, the caped crusader is on the scene within minutes to save the day and/or punish wrongdoers.
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