10 February 2006

Heat Wave

The snow that fell on Sunday was starting to get brown and slushy around the edges, so I was happy to see yesterday’s flurries cover the unsightly older snow. It looked like powdered sugar sprinkled over dark gingerbread—seriously.

Between the installation of the air conditioners and the new front door, it has been quite cold in the office for the last two days. So, today I came prepared; full thermals and a sweater. However, when I arrived this morning, all the holes were plugged and the air conditioners were actually running in heat-pump mode; the sweater immediately came off. Not only that, but today turned out to be quite balmy; I saw temperatures as high as 2 degrees (36 F.) I’ve learned you can never rely on the forecast around here—highly unreliable. Bulgarians don’t seem to mind this; when you ask somebody what the temps will be tomorrow or how much accumulations are expect, you get a blank stare! Granted, our weather forecasters back home often tend to miss the mark, but at least thet will tell us to expect accumulations of 3.5 inches and highs in the mid-30s. You’ve got to admit that’s reassuring even if it turns our wrong.
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