13 February 2006

Traffic jam

Saturdays are not longer for sleeping in, cleaning/shopping, or goofing off. I actually like my new routine: dress warmly, grab my ski equipment, and head for the slopes. Despite the fact that Vitosha is a shabby resort, I had a great time; the weather was perfect—clear and sunny—and I felt significant improvement in my skill-level. I am now comfortable with narrow, mogul-strewn runs and steep, deep, powder.

traffic jam on the snowshoe hashSunday afternoon, I headed back up the same mountain, but this time to go snowshoeing with the Hash House Harriers. The weather was not as nice, but conditions turned out to be ideal for snowshoeing—something I had never done before, but really enjoyed. It was a veritable winter wonderland up there: deep, untouched snow and beautiful scenery. I posted some pictures to WeatherUnderground, one even made “approvers choice.” The picture to the right is of a traffic jam created by one of the youngest hashers, James (probably 5 y/o) and myself. He was having trouble climbing up this particularly steep section, so I grabbed his hand to help him up only to find myself holding a glove. His mum (they are Brits) had to come and put it back on; hence the traffic jam.
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