31 August 2005

Bachelor refrigerator

fridge: olives, mustard, Coke, pickled veggiesI ate dinner out tonight—meat, potato, soup, bread, and a soft drink—all for 2.55 leva ($1.55.) Granted, it was nothing fancy, but even at a fairly nice restaurant it’s nearly impossible to break $10 including drinks. Needless to say, I am not cooking for myself as witnessed by my stereotypical bachelor refrigerator. Inventory: olives, mustard, remnants of a 2 liter Coke, and some pickled vegetables—which, amazingly, are actually pretty good, but useful only as a side dish. I just can’t see dropping 20-30 leva to stock up the fridge and pantry when a) I’m not much of a cook, and b) eating out is so cheap. I’ve even given up my morning Nutella sandwich in favor of a 1-lev flinzen.
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