24 August 2005

Bandwidth quota

I just received an email from Netidentity (host for froese.com) saying that I am about to go over my monthly bandwidth limit of 1000MB. I have no idea how I blew through 1 Gb since my hit counter is only 276! Maybe someone linked to one of my cycling pages and sent me a whole bunch of traffic.

[UPDATE] Issue resolved. Someone was hotlinking (read: stealing my bandwidth) to a picture of the book Elegant Universe that I had scanned or sized for review I had written. The advice below is still a good idea.

In any case, please bookmark and use the following address: http://persistentitch.blogspot.com to read my blog instead of http://joel.froese.com (blogspot.com is free.)

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Below is a picture of the typical cable/internet infrastructure here in Sofia. I think I mentioned this before, but notice how no cable is ever removed, the new operator just zip-ties his cable to the exiting ones until you get a rat's nest as demonstrated below. This is actually on my block, so one of those cable may be leading directly to my computer.
typical Sofia facade
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