07 August 2005

Hot dog skins

Cold rainy weekend; didn’t do much Saturday except go Billa for some grocery. Along the way, I stopped in some random take-out place hoping for a doner or hamburger. Instead they had cold cuts and indistinguishable salads and sauces. Feeling adventurous I decided to go for it. I choose chicken, which the girl behind the counter put in a bun and then put in a warmer and pressed flat. Then I had her add what looked like coleslaw (at one point there were four Bulgarian trying to figure out what it is called in English) and some red sauce. To top it off she added a bunch of fries and ketchup on top. What started out as a flat sandwich ended up being a giant cone of food, and all for less than 2 leva! It was actually kinda good; with 4 types of meat and 6-8 salads/sauces I guess I could try a different combination everyday for weeks.

Anyhow, the title comes from the fact that I bought some different hot dogs at Billa Saturday because the ones that Doriana recommended during our shopping trip on day 2 had such tough skin that I actually had to peel them after I cooked them! So today as I cooked my lunch I looked in the pot and noticed that one of these new hot dogs had entirely shed it transparent skin; cool, a naked hotdog!

I purchased a nice headset (9 leva) and downloaded Skype. I’ve heard about this for a while and it turns out to be a really cool application. For 47 minutes this afternoon I talked to Micah for free! The sound quality is better than telephone and doesn’t have any noticeable delay. Find a headset or microphone that you can plug into your computer, download the program from here, install it, and add me to your contact list; my “Skype name” is: joelfroese

I will do a “random observations” post soon…stay tuned. I increased the width of my blog to 750 pixels; When displayed in the joel.froese.com frame, this should fill up your 1024 x 768 screen more fully. If you're at a lower resolution click on “Current (w/o frame).” As always, let me know what you think; click on the pencil below to leave a comment.
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