13 March 2006

Internet DTs

Six months ago, I prepaid for 6 months of Internet service. Just last week I was thinking, “I wonder when that will run out.” I think I just found out. The thing is, even though I’m going through Internet DTs, I’m in no rush to get reconnected because I know I will be so much more productive now. Since I don’t (hardly) watch TV anymore, without Internet I should have no problem focusing on my Bulgarian homework tonight. We’ll see how it goes.

[UPDATE] Whew, dodged the bullet; it still works! but I do expect them to cut me off anytime now. Also, BG homework will suffer tonight.

To my vast audience, if any of you are using Orkut (Google new personal networking tool,) please send me an invitation (froese at gmail dot com.) I've got enough profiles to maintain on various services, but I want in on this Orkut thing; it's so exclusive—you have to be invited. ;-)
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