06 March 2006

Snow, Again!

March snow showerI haven't talked about the weather lately, so humor me. This morning, walking to work, it was down right balmy; storm clouds were gathering, and I actually expected we would get a thundershower. However, by late afternoon, it had gotten noticeably cooler. While making myself dinner tonight (spaghetti—about the extent of my repertoire,) I heard ice pelting my window—it was sleeting furiously outside. I didn't think much of it afterwards as I was quietly studying for Bulgarian class tomorrow until just now; I looked out the window to see a blizzard in progress. A few inches have already accumulated. (The previous snows had all melted over the last few days due to the relatively warm weather we've had since at least Thursday.) The weather is even more fickle here than back home! BTW, I'm not complaining—I think its pretty cool; I'm still a kid at heart when it comes to the white stuff.

No skiing, snowshoeing, or any trips outside of Sofia over the three day weekend; I just laid low, but I did go out every night.
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